Action Item Detection using BERT Model: A Case Study

Introduction The Action Item Detection project focuses on extracting action items from email and conversational transcripts. The goal is to develop a model that can accurately identify action items within the text data. Additionally, sentiment analysis is performed on the detected action items to identify roadblocks and further action steps. The project utilizes BERT (Bidirectional […]

Browser Based Big Data Visualizer (BBDV): A Case Study

Introduction This case study presents the development and deployment of a browser-based visualizer designed to visualize and analyze food images using Python. The case study explores the key objectives, challenges, and solutions implemented throughout the development process. Objective The primary objective was to create a browser-based visualizer capable of handling a large volume of food […]

Empathy Analysis Model Development for Conversations: A Case Study

Introduction This case study focuses on a project aimed at creating an empathy analysis model to generate empathy scores for conversations. The project’s objective was to develop a model that could assess the level of empathy in various conversation datasets, including hospitalist data, helpline conversations, and sales datasets. The case study covers the dataset gathering […]